Magdalena Zalewa

My yoga journey began at the age of 16, in a small studio across the street from my high school. After the first couple of classes, I had the feeling of being in the right place. It was easier for me to cope with school-related stress and I felt a lightness after every practice, that I desired to come back to again and again. When I finally felt confident enough, I decided to travel to Cyprus for my 200H Teacher Training by Ravindra, a lovely mentor from the Himalayas whose teachings about yoga, philosophy and universal ethics I will treasure forever! 

I moved to Rotterdam to pursue an art degree in illustration and yoga is what allows me to find balance and perspective in my life. I like to practice and teach Hatha, and add in elements of a flow to make the sequences creative and harmonious.

The more I advance on the yogic path, the more I learn about the extent of this practice’s richness, on and off the mat: An overall sense of peace and awareness, self-love, open-mindedness. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to share this with you at Shakti Prana!