María Alejandra

It is said that everything comes at its right time and this was the case with yoga. I started to walk this new path when I was 40 years old. I still remember the first class I took and the deep connection I felt with myself. It was an awakening! Although it was not easy to establish a regular practice due to living in different countries after my departure from Venezuela, my homeland. I could see that yoga helped me to keep my inner balance. In the summer of 2016 I moved to the Netherlands. Finally a period of stability arrived and with it the opportunity to deepen my personal practice so I decided to enrol in a yoga teacher training.

Yoga allows me to be in constant growth and provides me with many tools that I can integrate into my daily life to live it more fully and joyfully. There is so much inspiration and energy that this ancient practice has given to me! Now I would like to share my learning experience with all people who are looking for a system of practice that provides them a physical, mental and emotional balance. My goal is to offer yoga tools that help face the challenges that are presented to us with a more open and positive attitude.

My spiritual name is Madhavi and I am a certified Yin Yoga teacher (Arhanta Yoga Ashram Netherlands), I am currently in my second year of certification 500hs Yoga Alliance International (Yoga Vidya, based in Rotterdam). I also constantly participate in courses and workshops taught by renowned Indian yoga teachers and Ayurveda specialists. In my classes I teach traditional Hatha Yoga where the lineage of Swami Sivananda and the creativity come together harmoniously. The result: a holistic yoga accessible to all, which brings energy and relaxation at the same time, helping the mind and body to be balanced and revitalized, leading to an experience of peace and well-being. Students are my greatest source of inspiration and learning. I considerate each class as a new journey that enriches us all.

May I have the honour to guide you on the beautiful yoga path!

Om Shanti